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Headphones, Nachos, and Lesson #1

So, I bought these kick ass DJ Hifi headphones today. You know, the kind that blocks out all other noise apart from your music? I highly recommend a pair to any music lover, absolute must have for your music arsenal. In the short… 8 hours since I’ve had these headphones I have already managed to do something stupid with them. While dancing around my room in a feat of epic procrastination ( I have 3 assignments due Tuesday but thats another story), I realised during the change of songs, that I could hear the faint ringing of my phone in my jeans pocket in the bathroom. Naturally I go to answer it, still wearing my headphones. Yes folks, I coat hangered myself. I think my dog may have actually been laughing at me.

This brings me to the lesson of the day (which will become a regular guest): it is ok to laugh at yourself. It is infact quite liberating to just admit, “whoa, I just made a dick of myself! HA!” and be able to really let go and laugh at yourself. Whether you are alone, with friends, with family, or in a crowded quad full of people and teachers, it is ok to laugh. People might think you’re crazy, but we all are in our own unique way so embrace it! There are some circumstances where okay, its not as funny at first and you just might be pretty damn embarrassed, example: sat in something nasty and nobody told you until 2 hours after. In this case, laugh later, one day it will be freakin hilarious, and when that day comes laugh at it. Lesson over.

I also love to cook. Today I made nachos. Simple, tasty, deliciously bad for you, all the things you need when battoning down the hatches and sinking your teeth into assignments. I have 3 nephews and 1 niece and they love nachos. Whenever they come over we make them together. I used to make the guacamole, but my niece is 10 and now responsible enough to know the secret ingredient so I let her do it now (its crazy how fast they grow). My oldest nephew and I grate the cheese, the middle nephew arranges the chips (I think hes a bit OCD, he’s very defensive of this role), and the youngest gets the ingredients from the fridge and has sole rights to dishing out sour cream. We make the meanest nachos this side of the border. Of course, there is always an insane mess which usually ends up being cleaned up by me, but the older two are now starting to help which is nice. I wish I did things like that with my Aunt when I was their age, being a kid is something I miss, not that I got to do a lot of it.

Its amazing how something so simple as nachos becomes sacred, huh?

Anyway, thats all for now, my philosophy assignment is demanding attention – it has a tendency to get violent if its needs are not met – so I’d better leave it here.

Till next Thursday,

Keep on Livin,



Welcome to my world!

Hello world and welcome to my little slice of the big bad web.

So I guess a little bit about me would be helpful… well ok here you go:

My name’s Jo. I’m Aussie, 19, and to be honest I have no idea what I want to do with my life – so I’m gonna write about it until I have some kind of epiphany I guess.

I love life, every thing about it, the good the bad and the very ugly. I love music more than anything else, I love curry at 11pm on a Wednesday night, playing air guitar to Guns N’ Roses in my underwear at 2am (much to my mothers distaste), leather pants, scary animals with 5 rows of teeth, and laughing at people who walk into poles in the middle of the quad at Uni and then look around fantically trying to make sure nobody saw them. Well I did, so HA HA.

I’m studying environmental management at the University of Queensland in Brisvegas, and then will be doing marine biology after that so I’ll be at uni for a while yet. I care about the earth a lot and sometimes I wish I could live forever just so I could say on the very last day when everythings going to shit, that “I told you so!”

In my short existence on this planet thus far I’ve been through a lot. I wont go into it but lets just say I have great conversations people who grew up in the 70’s. Makes me feel old sometimes but hey, I’ve learnt a buttload and I’ve still got my whole life ahead of me so bring it on. I dont know where I’m going, but I’m here, and I’m gonna live it like it was meant to be lived.

My friends are an assorted bunch of misfits from all walks of life and various locations around the globe. My 4 best friends are each so different it scares me. It also scares me that I cant have them all in the same room without some nasty shit going down. You’ll hear about them along the way as we try and figure out what the fuck this is all about.

Anyway, thats enough about me for now. I’m gonna wrap this one up and write an actual post now. Keep tuned every Thursday for … I dunno, something.

Keep on livin